Core Staff:

Developer: Chisa Studios

Publisher: Sekai Project


Chandra "Sakura" Hughes

Creator / Story

Chandra "Sakura" Hughes is a producer, voice actress, writer, audio editor, video editor, cosplayer, entrepreneur and a anime fanatic. She's the president at Chisa Studios, Operations Manager at GlowLime Games, and has had a management role in many projects.


Olivia Raymond


Olivia Raymond, known as Hazel-Bun on Lemma Soft Forums (LSF), is a college student and professional writer. She's been a huge fan of visual novels for 5 years now, and has fallen in love with the otome / romantic girl pursues boy genre in particular. Along with handling her course load and publishing fiction, she dabbles in user interface design and makes her own games (outside and inside the VN genre) on the side.

Gaby Mutiara

Sprite/CG Artist

Gaby Mutiara, known as kimgaby90 on Lemma Soft Forums and kimgabydesu on Deviantart and also Tumblr, is an illustrator at a game developer studio in Indonesia. She's an interior design graduate but she's working as an illustrator for about 3 and half years now and loves her job so much. She likes to draw pretty girl at first but now enjoy drawing bishonen too. She has a dream to make her own video game company one day in her country.

Andrea Lee

Chibi Artist

nna Lee, also known as Kairui on LSF, is a professional artist/illustrator. She has been working as an artist for 8 years drawing mainly an anime/manga style. eing self-taught, Anna gained most of her inspiration through visual novels. She hopes to work on many visual novels in the future.

Camille Arana

Kickstarter Artist

Camille Arana, known as Camy on LSF, is an Jr User Interface Designer who has been a huge fan of visual novels since she landed upon her first one in 2007. While she does interface, she also does some graphic design by providing Kickstarter Assets and some blends/edits on Tumblr on the side for fun with characters she likes from other series.


Chris Thurman


Chris Thurman has been writing music since age 11, and playing instruments even before that, including guitar, piano, saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass, and drums. With some heavy jazz influences, Chris adds an element of improvisation to his music. A relative newcomer to visual novels, with his varied inspirations: Chick Corea, Joe Hisaishi, Pat Metheny, and Rie Tanaka to name a few, he is excited to bring a fresh, and eccentric sound to visual novels.


Samantha Chan


Samantha Chan is a college junior living in New York City. She started voice acting in January 2011 and has loved it ever since. Her goal is to someday be both a doctor and a professional voice actress.When she's not behind the microphone and recording, she can most likely be found either reading, writing, roleplaying, editing graphics, chatting with friends, watching anime, or just sitting and daydreaming. Amongst her friends, she is known for her reliability, good listening skills, and easy-going personality.

Grace Barrett-Snyder


Grace Barrett-Snyder is a game programmer from New York with experience in graphic and web design. She loves RPGs and the unique puzzles that come with coding. This will be the first visual novel she has developed.


Ray Cordova

CG/Background Artist

Allen Ray Cordova, also known as 53C, is a freelance illustrator/artist from Philippines. He's a computer science graduate that unexpectedly found his way to the visual novel industry for over a year now. Bearing his art which has been influenced by the anime/manga fandom, he strives to become better in this field of work. He has an introverted personality and is easily misunderstood due to his straight forward words; though a positive person by nature.


Skylar Nguyen

GUI Artist

Skylar Nguyen, also known as Skyevina, is a writer and graphic designer who is currently living in Australia. She's been designing graphics for 5 years and counting. Her love for anime and manga recently guided her to discover about visual novels. Since then she's been designing and coding game interfaces for visual novels.


Erika Acosta

Logo Artist

Erika Acosta, known as crappyassdrawings on Tumblr, and hiko27 on LSF, is a college student from LA currently working both as a freelance artist, and an artist alley exhibitor on the side ever since 2014, and 2015, respectively. She's been into visual novels, especially otome games, since 2008 when she got a copy of Hiiro no Kakera for the PS2 and has loved the genre ever since. Some of the VNs she's working on right now are her own games (Tsundere-sama, otoge-Real!), and has been commissioned to work on the upcoming mobage Love Is Blind.