Allegra C. Hughes

Founder, Operations and Projects Manager

Allegra is the founder of Chisa Studios and a producer, voice actress, writer, audio editor, video editor, entrepreneur and an anime fanatic. She currently works as the Operations Manager and Events Coordinator for GlowLime Games. Allegra has shipped multiple games from mobile to PC. She enjoys directing, casting, managing, acting, writing and sound editing in the projects she's produced. 

She is also known as Chandra or Sakura.


Marcus Maulucci

Marcus is a game designer in the Five College area with a varied skillset including writing, digital art, game design and theory, social activism and education. In addition to working on Glowlime projects, she also tackles endlessly growing original game projects. Marcus is passionate and able to articulate and execute complex ideas.


Alex Taylor

Project Engineer

Alex is the Engineer behind the Chisa Studios games and currently works as a Software Engineer at Axis Communication. He's worked on multiple shipped games and worked for multiple technical development studios. Alex is proficient in C#, C++ and web development languages since 2003.

Samantha Luangkhot


Sam is an artist and writer who loves making friends and video games. Although fairly new to making games, Sam is highly self-motivated and enjoys working on projects with almost anyone. Sam's biggest interests and inspirations are inclusive queer media, stories with people of color and silly cartoons that make people happy.


Ivana Yang

Ivana is a fourth year at Hampshire College, concentrating in illustration.